Glass Tree Care Spray Service, Inc.
Professional Tree, Shrub and Turf care since 1948.

Glass Tree Care & Spray Service offers lawn and tree maintenance programs for insect/disease control, nutrients, and weed control, giving you the opportunity to tailor a plan to fit your individual situation. We act as your advisor, helping you make decisions on which services you desire. We never pressure our customers or try to sell applications they don’t need or want.


Glass Tree Care & Spray Service, Inc. was started by Ted Glass back in 1948. The business is still family owned.


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Our Services

Lawn Care

lawn care

Weed & pest control, proper and timely fertilization, and watering are the ingredients for a healthy, beautiful and sustainable lawn.

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Tree & Shrub

tree shrub

Trees and shrubs are the most precious assets in your landscape. With a little maintenance they will accrue continuously.


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Weed Control

weed control

Noxious weed and brush control can be a never-endng battle; blackberries grow inches a day; poison oak can overcome a property. . .

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Moss Control

moss control

Living here in the Northwest you know that roof moss is a common sight on many roofs in the area. What you may not know is that roof moss . . .

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Natural Solutions

landscape consulation

Glass Tree Care has a natural solutions program that offers insect and disease control as well as an excellent fertilizer for your. . .

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