New Garden Pest

Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) Is a new pest that is targeting not only large produce farms, but also the backyard gardener that has the corner of their yard full of berries, and vegetables. (SWD) attacks ripening fruit and vegetables by laying its eggs inside the fruit allowing the larva to develop by eating the ripe fruit. This can be identified on the fruit by accelerated rotting, and soft spots in the fruit. We welcome any questions and or finding that you have. Here is a link for you to follow to the OSU extension for more information Happy Gardening!

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Glass Tree Care introduces its Natural solutions Program

Come see us at the Eugene Fairgrounds January 21st-23rd For the Good Earth Home Show, and learn about our “Natural Solutions” program for your trees, shrubs, and garden.

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Welcome to Glass Tree Care News

Here you will find pest alerts, seasonal reminders, updates on new products and services.

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